TRAILER RENTALS & SALES – Semi-Trailers (Kansas City) $1

Sell us your Semi Trailers. We Buy Dry Vans, Reefers and Flatbed Trailers

TRAILER RENTALS & SALES – Semi-Trailers (Kansas City) $1

TRAILER RENTALS & SALES - Semi-Trailer Rentals (Kansas City) $150

816-795-8484 ask for Stephen.

We RENT and SELL both NEW and USED semi-trailers.
45′ Trailer @ $150/4 weeks
48′ Trailer @ $190/4 weeks
53′ Trailer @ $220/4 weeks
*Call for prices. We have both storage and over the road trailers, starting at $1700 and up.
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US Trailer Logo We are US Trailer. We Rent Semi Trailers out here in Kansas City. What you see above is a offer we came across that we thought you would want to take a look at for yourself.  We do not have any connection to the offer other than it is one hell of a deal we saw on our hunt for deals. If you would like to know more about this, Click the Buy Now button and it will take you to the answer. If you don't to spend the money on a semi trailer, consider renting or leasing. For $100 a week you could be renting a $40,000 trailer. That keeps a lot of money in your bank account. Find out how much you can save now when you rent 5 or more. Call US Trailer @ 816-795-8484

I’m seeing availability and financing issues are causing more delays these days for drivers and companies of all sizes.

The solution I provide is Short Term and Long Term rental of road and storage trailers without the need for a contract. You can go month to month. This allows for companies to find the trailers they need and get their financing together while still being able to expand their trailer fleet’s and continue increasing their volume.

We have over 1000 trailers on the lot all DOT inspected and ready for the road. Here’s a link to my website to see some additional rental inventory but more importantly here’s the number to call so yo can get the trailers you need right now. 816-795-8484 ask for Stephen.

You can go from no fleet to your own fleet within a few hours by renting trailers from me. We pick up and deliver to make it even easier.